Beach House Kitchen Remodel & Addition , Malibu , CA, Facebook_ENRarchitects_Malibu_Addition_Kitchen

"Eric,I just want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts, some of which are above and beyond what I expected. Your alacrity and efficiency are admirable and deserve our thanks. You are a pleasure to work with." - Owner  

A vibrant retired couple and their loving puppy, dreamed of widening the beach front view and expanding the entertainment space of their Hollywood era Colony residence, formerly owned by legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz.  The original layout and subsequent remodels left the living space, and view to the sand and waves, constricted by an enclosed galley kitchen.  Also, the former linear stair and awkward side entrance consumed valuable space and limited the functionality of the living room and dining room.

The design and project management team removed the kitchen from the beach front view, placing it at the opposite end of the living space, which enabled the entire expanse of the view to be framed in glass and crowned with a cantilevered wood trellis.  The former covered porch was enclosed with atrium glass to enlarge the living room, adding 180 sf.  The kitchen space is now completely transformed into an open, naturally lit, contemporary peninsula command center that bathes in the ocean view through the new living space.  The side entry niche space was converted into a Bar & Laptop desk, keeping a secondary side entrance, fitted with a brightly lit French door.  The linear stair was compacted into a winding L-shape, including an accent window, and now provides direct access to the living space, enabling the former dining room to be transformed into a home theater space.  The entry was relocated to the street side and features a mahogany 6 ft. French door/sidelite combo with a continuous view through the house to the beach that is introduced from the street through a new landscape arch and the fresh, smooth-troweled, tinted plaster house facade.

The success of these significant changes, coupled with the tasteful palette of light colored modern millwork & counters, beautiful natural wood floors, pastel walls, colorful contempory art, and inviting furniture & materials, create a delightful home with a new life to enjoy for generations.